Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy believes that online education can be a powerful instructional tool for Jewish schools and Jewish parents. Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is not intended to replace traditional Jewish education, nor does it advocate for fully online programs.

Our goals are two-fold:

  • to support Jewish schools by providing affordable, quality Jewish educational opportunities.

  • to provide parents with deep and meaningful Jewish learning experiences for their children.

Our ultimate concern is quality Jewish education. When we began experimenting with online courses, cost was very far from our minds. The questions that we were asking were: Is this educationally sound? Are the students engaged? Are the students learning? When we discovered through extensive evaluations,  internal as wells as external, that the answers were “YES!”, we set about designing a model that was affordable.

Today, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy courses are taught by master Jewish Studies teachers to more than five hundred students each year. Last year, one hundred percent of our schools reported that our courses were “as good or better than courses offered in my school.”  Ninety-three percent of our students said that they would register again for one of our courses. You can read some of their comments here.

 The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy’s parent organization, has been a strong advocate of Jewish schools for more than three decades.