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Commandment to Care

A Study of Halachic Process

Recommended Grades:

9, 10  



To what extent do I have responsibility to care about other people? How do I set priorities regarding time and resources? This thematic, Rabbinics textbased course explores mitzvot bein adam l’chavero (commandments that relate to interpersonal behavior) from Biblical through Talmudic text to modern sources. We will analyze the extent to which people have an obligation toward others on an individual, communal, and global level.

Topics include responsibility to others, tzedaka (charity), and social activism. Throughout the course, students will examine modern case studies and offer creative solutions based on Biblical and Rabbinic sources.

“I loved how many of the things we learned we learned out of sources themselves.” – Vivianne, 10th grade student

“I loved learning about real life scenarios.” – Rotem, 9th grade student