Selections in Trei Asar I

Trei Asar/Twelve Minor Prophets

Recommended Grades:

11, 12  Honors Only



Offered As:

Online course taught by Lookstein staff

In this course, eleventh and twelfth graders will study selections in the first half of Trei Asar (Twelve Minor Prophets). In addition to examining the books’ literary structures and styles, students will explore their central themes (sin and punishment,  prophets and prophecy, repentance, am segula, and redemption). Over the semester, they will develop their textual reading and analysis skills and will leave the course with the ability to demonstrate a basic proficiency in reading and understanding prophetic texts.

“[I enjoyed] the reflection, and thinking about why I would not want to be a Navi. It was very interesting to speculate how I would act in that position.” – Danny, 12th grader

I really loved learning about the background information of the Nevi’im. I never knew that they were different between the first and the last ones, and I did not know that there was a difference between the language used in the different books… Being able to read the Navi, but now looking out for literary techniques completely changed my view.” – Sarah, 12th grader

This course has a companion course for second semester.

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