Are you looking for summer enrichment? Need to make up a course? Hoping to complete a prerequisite?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Lookstein Virtual Summer School is for you!
Students enrolled in a summer course will have the opportunity to complete, and receive credit for, a full semester course. Students will complete coursework online and according to their own schedule, and will “meet” regularly with their Israel-based instructor via web conference.

Tell me more!

When is summer school?

Lookstein Virtual Summer School is from June 1st – September 4. We will accept late assignments until Friday, September 8.

When is the application deadline?

Admissions for summer courses is on a rolling basis, but students must register by Friday, August 4 and begin coursework by Tuesday, August 8th in order to complete a full course during this session.

How much does it cost?

$450 per course. Payment may be made via Chase QuickPay, ClearXchange, or PayPal.

How much time do I need to commit?

30 hours per course over a minimum of three weeks.

Do I need to be available at a certain day or time?

Most of your coursework is independent and can be completed whenever and wherever you like. You will also “meet” with your teacher regularly (1x or 2x per week based on the agreed upon course pace) via web conference.  These sessions will be scheduled directly between you and your instructor at a mutually acceptable time. 

Is this is the right choice for me?

How do I select the right course?

Carefully review our course descriptions and recommended grade levels which can be found in the section below.

We recommend that you speak directly with your school’s Judaic studies administrator to ensure that the course you are selecting will be accepted by your school.  If you still have questions, email us at

How will I be assessed?

Courses have regular assessments and contain detailed rubrics explaining the categories and criteria that teachers use when grading.  Courses are project-based (no tests!) and provide a clear breakdown of how each course component is weighted in your final grade.  If at any point you have concerns about your assessments, please reach out to your teacher and/or to our Director of Instruction. They will be happy to address your concerns.

Will I get credit for this course?

Our courses are accepted by over 65 Jewish day schools nationwide, but make sure to check your school’s individual policy.  Upon completion, you can request a transcript from Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, a project of the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of Bar-Ilan University. We do not currently provide college credit.

What courses are available?


From Names to a Nation, Shemot 1-13 (recommended for grades 9,10,11,12)

Quest for Eliyahu, Melachim/Kings I 17-Melachim/Kings II 2(recommended for grade 9)

Provoking Change: The Prophecies of Trei Asar (Hoshea – Micha) (recommended for grades 11,12 – Honors)


Commandment to Care, A Study of Halachic Process (recommended for grades 9,10)

Sage Advice, Selections from Pirkei Avot (recommended for grades 9,10,11)

Who is Talmud, Intro to Talmud (recommended for grade 9)

Jewish History

The Story of Exile and Return, Jewish History Survey (recommended for grade 10)

Letters Home: American Jewish History, 1870-1924 (recommended for grades 10,11)

Emergence of Modern Israel (recommended for grades 10,11,12)

Who are the instructors?

Daniel Rose has worked in formal and informal Jewish education in the UK, US, and Israel for more than two decades. Daniel has held numerous teaching and administrative posts in Jewish day schools and educational organizations, has extensive experience in curriculum development and educational consulting, and has managed varied educational projects- most recently the production of the Koren Magerman Educational Siddur Series. Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Education from London University and a PhD in Education from Hebrew University. At Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, Daniel oversees the delivery of our instruction, ensuring that each one of our students is engaged in meaningful and relevant learning.


Jeremy Spierer has worked in formal and informal Jewish education for close to two decades. A veteran high school and post-high school teacher of Jewish studies in day schools and summer camps, Jeremy has also taught online and has extensive experience as a teacher mentor. He holds a Master’s Degree in Bible and Semicha from Yeshiva University, is a graduate of the Jewish New Teacher Project, and is currently working on his PhD in Jewish Education. At Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, Jeremy is responsible for the mentorship and professional development of our instructional staff, ensuring that our teachers are employing best practices in online education, and creating an engaging and personal classroom experience for all of our students.


Rivky Krestt has been working in Jewish education and educational technology for over 15 years. She has worked as a Jewish studies teacher and department chair, teacher mentor, curriculum writer, and educational technologist, and currently serves as the Director of Education in a Jewish overnight camp. Rivky holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Theory and Development from The University of Maryland, and studied a number of years as a Bruriah Scholar at Midreshet Lindenbaum. At Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, Rivky’s imaginative, fun, and engaging writing style enables her to create excellent Jewish studies courses for middle school and high school students.

What will I need?

All students need a computer/tablet, headset with microphone, webcam, and working internet.  Please see this document for more detailed technical specifications. 

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Click HERE to complete the application form.  Following receipt of your application, a Lookstein Virtual representative will get back to you within three business days to confirm and finalize your enrollment.  Please note that Lookstein Virtual office hours are from Sunday-Thursday, Israel standard time. 

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