“I recommend this! It was a very interesting way to learn, and I really liked that I could go at my own pace – for example, I could spend as long as needed looking at and understanding the study guide. The material was really interesting, and it was an experience that I really liked.

– student at New York public high school

“I have learned more than I imagined…You made me think in such a way I never thought… There were some times where I felt [the course] was a burden, and there were times where I thought it was a gift. Now, looking back at what I accomplished, I am so glad I did this course… Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– student at Albany public high school

“I think this class is really great even though at first I did not want to take it, I would definitely take it again because it is very interesting and informative and I love my teacher.”

– student at Houston public school



[My daughter] had a wonderful experience…She learned so much from this course and enjoyed everything about it – the fabulous instructor, the course materials, the assignments, and the mix of the individual work, discussions, and live classes. I only heard positive feedback from her throughout the semester.

– Anna, parent, Boston

[My children] are really growing from this experience. They’re not just learning Jewish text, but a kind of independence and responsibility that amazes me.

– Dana, parent, Scraton

I wanted my daughter to get a rich Jewish education, exceeding what she has available locally… This was perfect.

– Daniel, parent, New Jersey


“As one who has both created and taught many online courses, and searched for examples of other good ones in Jewish studies in North America, I am blown away by what you have done here. …[Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy courses are] highly interactive, learner centered, filled with multiple intelligence strategies for learning; includes cooperative learning, self-assessment and wonderful graphics, video, and art. It allows learners to make personal meaning as well. You have created something  here which lives up to the highest INACOL standards and the best of online learning.”

– Steven Brown, Program Officer, AVI CHAI Foundation

“We were very impressed with these courses. They are innovative, well designed, and well delivered. Your teachers are exceptional educators, who are clearly devoted to their students and made every effort to provide outstanding instruction…. [Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy courses] provide excellent learning experiences for students.”

– Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt, Managing Partners of Crossroads Consulting Group and winners of the 2012 Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education