Innovation in Jewish Schools Webinar Series

What does innovation look like in Jewish schools? In Jewish Studies classrooms? Is it a mindset? Is it a set of tools? It is a program?
In Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy’s Innovation in Jewish Schools Webinar Series, innovative Jewish educators share their thinking, their process, and finally their projects with other Jewish educators. Participation in webinars is free and archives are posted on this page. Join our mailing list to receive updates about upcoming webinars.


Exploring Personalized Learning in Talmud

Although the focus is Talmud instruction, the free tools and low-tech methods he discusses can be used to  personalize learning in any Jewish Studies Classroom.

Yoni Fein, June 12th 2017

Session slides

Success Stories for All Students: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Dana Keil speaks about using PBIS in your classroom and how it can make your classroom a more positive and joyful space.  The methods outlined have been used successfully in multiple Jewish schools across the country.

Dana Keil, March 23rd 2017

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Al Pi Darko: What Montessori Can Bring to All Jewish Schools

Elements of Montessori education can be implemented in Jewish schools, allowing educators to meet individual student needs. Rivkah Schack describes how to make this happen in your school.

Rivkah Schack, January 30th 2017

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Game On!

Reuven Margrett describes how he and his students created Jewish educational games, and how educators can  use free applications to bring gaming to your Jewish Studies classroom.

Reuven Margrett, September 27 2016

Taking the PBL Leap

Tikvah Weiner explores the components of Project-Based Learning and gives tips on how to bring this meaningful and effective educational methodology to your classroom.

Tikvah Weiner, July 28 2016