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Key Takeaways from Leadership Program Pilot

Jewish Women Lead

By Chevi Rubin

What Happens when you Combine Bible Study, Leadership Training, and Social Action with Strong, Confident, Young Women Ready to Take on the World?


This year, Lookstein Virtual piloted four cohorts of In Their Footsteps: Women’s Leadership in The Bible and Today, an online Jewish women’s leadership program generously funded by the Hadassah Foundation. As our final cohorts are winding down, we’d like to share a few helpful takeaways and a whole lot of nachat.


The Plan (some background for those of you who are not familiar with our program):


1- Attract young Jewish women who are destined for leadership.

2- Study Biblical stories about female heroines in order to find inspiration. Read More

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How Technology Can Improve Your Classroom – Part 2

empty classroom

3 Easy Tips for Extending Learning

By Chevi Rubin

In part 1 of this series we put our tech in check and discussed what technology can and cannot do for our students, our teachers, and our classrooms. We shared Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR Model, which provides a practical framework for teachers thinking about ways to infuse technology into their lesson plans, and we shared three ways that technology has the power to transform our teaching capabilities.

Read part 1 on Increasing Access to learn about the global resources available in every location and for every budget, the power of widening the audience for student work, increased accessibility, and practical classroom tips. Read below for more on Maintaining and Extending Connections, and stay tuned for our next blog post on Improving Quality with Technology. Read More

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Blended Learning: A Solution to the Day School Tuition Crisis?

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There has been much discussion lately about blended learning and its potential promise for day schools. Chana German, who directs the Lookstein Center’s Virtual Jewish Academy and Russel Neiss, director of educational technology at G-dcast, a website that disseminates educational Torah materials, are at the forefront of this debate. Their extended conversation on the Lookjed website for educators is presented here in an edited and condensed format.

Read More

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What Jewish Educational Leaders Need to Know About Online Education

By Chana German Jewish Educational Leadership, Volume 12:2 Spring 2014

Although there has recently been considerable focus on online learning, it should be noted that it has actually been around for over twenty years. By the early 1990s, educational pioneers were experimenting with first generation Learning Management Systems Read More

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