The Big 10

What Is The Big 10?
The Big 10 is a flexible, digital values-based curriculum for middle school. Students discover the Jewish values hidden in each of the commandments and explore how we can each use these values to guide our everyday behaviors, priorities, and decisions.

What Does It Include?
The Big 10 includes a complete teacher toolbox with interactive learning guides, videos, discussion prompts, activities, teacher’s guide, and more! Teachers select from a bank of ready-to-go items, whether they are preparing a full 45-minute weekly class, enjoying a monthly core values lesson, or something in between!

Please note: This model includes a teacher-only license. If you are interested in obtaining student access please write to us at

Students Will:

  • Summarize the meaning of each of the Ten Commandments
  • Analyze the values that drive each commandment
  • Articulate how the Ten Commandments encompass fundamental Jewish values
  • Consider how the commandments/Jewish values as a whole can influence their lives
  • Think about the concept of holiness in their lives and worlds

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Annual class price: $350
Additional classes: $25 each

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Sample Course Excerpts

Course Excerpts
“The quality of The Big Ten teaching materials was consistently excellent.  As an educator in a synagogue family beit midrash, I am often making up my own activities and resources, and so to have these well-thought out, high level, interactive materials to use and adapt to our specific needs has been a huge help.  The videos were interesting and varied, the study/discussion questions evoked thoughtful responses, and the different types of resources and media were accessible and enjoyable for our families.  The Lookstein staff members were expert professionals who responded quickly and effectively when we needed any help.”
Rabbi Elana Kanter

The New Shul, Arizona

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